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Here are some associated sites who offer material related to the period, support similar ideals on  the region that we know so well, but about which the wider world has yet much to learn. Please let us know if you have discovered a faulty link, or one for which you may have updated information. If you have a logo or association emblem that you would like us to display, please send it to the webmaster.

30°South Publishers   SA
30°South Publishers   UK

30°Southth Publishers was launched in September 2005 with the express objective of servicing niche markets in the fields of southern African non-fiction, focusing primarily on history and memoirs.

Rhodesians Worldwide On the World Wide Web

Rhodesians Worldwide on the World Wide Web is the electronic equivalent of the printed magazine "Rhodesians Worldwide". RWW was created to facilitate communications between people who at some stage lived in Rhodesia or now in Zimbabwe

Rhodesians Worldwide Magazine

The contact magazine for Rhodesians worldwide with distribution covering 6 continents. For further information or to subscribe to this quarterly publication, email Chris Whitehead at or write to P.O. Box 22034, Mesa, Arizona 85277-2034, USA

Flame Lily Foundation (RASA)


The Flame Lily Foundation endeavors to preserve the heritage of Rhodesia and to promote interest in the country's history and culture, as well as to promote, further and secure the interests of our members and former residents of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe living in South Africa and world wide

Final Music
(Home to the 'Rhodesia Was...' collection)
Producer and restorer or rare recordings from central and southern Africa - home of the original 'Rhodesia Was Super' CD and other rhodie memorabilia
Bud Cockroft ('Bits 'n Pieces')

A collection of songs about Zimbabwe written while Bud was away from the country flying in Oman - includes fun tracks like 'Gimme A Zambezi Lager' and the amazing 'Run Rhino Run' awareness song

Rhodesians Worldwide Assistance Fund and Rhodesian Pioneer Club

The Official site of Rhodesians Worldwide within the United Kingdom and Ireland

John Edmond ('Bushcat Online')

John Edmond is somewhat of a legend around campfires from Zambia to Zululand and from Walvis Bay to Vilanculos. Singer, songwriter, entertainer, storyteller, author and bush pilot. He has been there, done it all and fantastically still does it!

Rhodesian Music Site

This site is a tribute all those marvelous musicians who entertained us so royally during our years in Rhodesia.  Their performances, the songs they played and the venues they appeared at are embedded in the minds of us all,  forming an intricate part of  our memories

Rhodesian Light Infantry

The home of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association (RLIRA)

Window on Rhodesia - the Jewel of Africa 

An archive of the life and history of Rhodesia from Cecil Rhodes to Ian Smith to place on record the way of life and amazing achievements, possibly without equal in the world, of a small community living its own life whilst also taking on the burden and succeeding in uplifting a much more numerous underdeveloped local population.

Rhodesian Army Association (UK)

The Rhodesian Forces web site is owned by the Rhodesia Army Association of the UK, and is run by them on behalf of all military units that were operational in Rhodesia from 1967 to 1980. Submissions and data from all sectors of the military of those days are welcome

Rhodesian Services Association

The Rhodesian Services Association Inc was formed in New Zealand from a basis of people who served, or whose family served, in forces loyal to Rhodesia.  The aims are to retain record of our history; remember the fallen; honor the brave and to offer moral support and help to former comrades and their families

Rhodesian Militaria

This site is for both collectors and people that are interested in Rhodesian militaria. The purpose of this site is to explain the difference between genuine Rhodesian items and the fakes and copies

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