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THE SAINTS - The Rhodesian Light Infantry
Operation Hurricane Attack on Cassinga Rhodesian Forces 1 & 2


Sunday, September 3rd 1978, at 17.05hrs local time,
Air Rhodesia Viscount VP-WAS rose smoothly from Kariba airport on a scheduled flight to the capital, Salisbury.

'Viscount Hunyani'

Visibility was good as flight RH 825 climbed at 160 knots to its cruising altitude of 15,000ft on a heading of 160 degrees. On board were 52 passengers and 4 crew.

Little did they know that they had less
than 5 minutes to live...

48 minutes        Dolby 2.1 Stereo
PAL and NTSC formats

DVD includes the Memorial Rolls of all those who lost their lives in both the Viscount 'Hunyani' and 'Umniati' disasters .

Keith Nell, the author of the book 'Viscount Down' gives an emotional account of the development of the book and the global support he received to create the unique record of events surrounding this history.

A group of terrorists serving Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) had positioned a SAM 7 missile in the remote and desolate Urungwe Tribal Trust Area
directly in line with the flight path of the unsuspecting aircraft.

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 Of the 56 people on board 'Viscount Hunyani', 18 would miraculously survive the steep forced landing and first stage of the unspeakable massacre yet to come. Only 8 people would finally live to tell the full story of unsurpassed, incomprehensible slaughter that was soon to unfold at the scene of the crash.

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A 'Deafening Silence' was how Rev. John da Costa described the lack of response to the Viscount 'Hunyani' disaster from world political and religious leaders at the time.

This original DVD is the definitive documentary produced to accompany the book of the same name and place finally on record personal accounts of the downing of civilian aircraft and the horrendous massacre of survivors - many badly wounded - who were huddled at the wreckage site.


"This gut-wrenching documentary is clearly of historical importance, but it's more than that: it's a testament to the victims, those so cruelly murdered, and a nod to the handful of survivors that you are not forgotten."       
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Chris Cocks - author of "Fireforce - One Man's War in the Rhodesian Light Infantry"     

"It is one of the most riveting documentaries I have seen. The main feature is 45 minutes long with an additional interview with Keith Nell who is writing the book by the same title. There is historic footage along with modern interviews. Msasa Enterprises who made this DVD are to be commended for their truly professional finished product."       Read more
Hugh Bomford - editor of Contact! Contact! - the Rhodesian Services Association newsletter 

Production Credits

Produced and Directed by: 
Harmon Cusack & Neil Thain

Narrated by:
Patrick McLaughlan & Neil Thain

Recorded at:
Final Sound Studios - UK

Jums da Silva

Edit Facilities:
Msasa Enterprises - Johannesburg

Telecine Transfers: 
The Film Lab - Johannesburg

Original Music:

Nic Pickard - Memphis Studios


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