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Flame Lily Collection

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 Rhodesian Force 1 & 2  |  The Final Chapter  |  A Tribute in Sound  
 THE SAINTS - The Rhodesian Light Infantry
Operation Hurricane Attack on Cassinga
VISCOUNT DOWN - the survivor's story


The "Flame Lily Collection" is a digitally re-mastered package of original historic film 'gems' from the tumultuous period of Rhodesia in the 70s. This special edition DVD takes you from the establishment of early government in 1924, through the building of Kariba Dam in the early 60s, to an experience with the 'fuzz' and the women of the RWS, finally closing with a beautiful documentary on the diversity of nature with which Rhodesia was blessed. Along the way you will see many of the faces that helped to build the nation of Rhodesia.

"What a time it was - with so few friends to turn to..."
 In memory of Clem Tholet

     DVD ONE
  • 50 Years of Parliament
  • Construction of Kariba Dam
  • Face of Rhodesia


     DVD TWO

  • What A Time
  • Kum a Kye
  • Birds in the Bush
  • Elections 1980
  • A Reason to Care

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