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1 'The Msasas are Turning'   'When the winter has gone, and time has moved on, the memory will never grow tired...' A nostalgic song from Clem Tholet
2 'Rhodesians Bold'   A march originally composed by BSAP Bandmaster Charles Warren-Day in 1918 and dedicated to all the members of the Rhodesian Forces
3 'Kum-a-Kye'   The Regimental March of the BSAP and a favourite played by the band on all occasions. The band was a popular part of the BSAP structure from the very earliest days of inception
4 RAR sing 'Sweet Banana'   An ORIGINAL RECORDING of the men of the Rhodesian African Rifles as they sing an impromptu rendition of their Regimental March at Shaw Barracks in Balla Balla
5 Rhodesian African Rifles
on parade
  A musical montage of the various company songs as sung by the men whilst parading on the drill square at the barracks. ORIGINAL RECORDING
6 'Sweet Banana'
Rhodesian Corps of Signals Band
  The Regimental March 'Sweet Banana' came about during WW 2 when RAR troops escorting Italian prisoners of war bought bananas from vendors in Durban
7 RAR Jazz Band   A live ORIGINAL recording of a performance by the RAR 'Dixieland' Jazz Band in 1978
8 'The Happy Wanderer'   This march was an arrangement by Roger Barsotti of a German folk song and was the march played at the passing out parades of the new troops having completed their initial training at Llewllyn Barracks near Bulawayo
9 Rhodesian Light Infantry
on parade
  On the 17th October 1980, the men of the RLI assembled for the last time on the parade square at Cranborne Barracks to finally lay up their Regimental Colours
10 'The Rhodesian Light Infantry'   Composed especially for the RLI by Major Frank Sutton, this slow march was renamed 'The Incredibles' after the comment from Prime Minister Ian Smith in reference to the calibre of the men of the Regiment at the time
11 'When The Saints Go Marching In'   Soon after its birth, the RLI had a piper, L/Cpl  McMartin who would pipe for the commando, and 'The Saints' was one of tunes he used to play for the troopies. This arrangement by Major Frank Sutton was later officially adopted as the Regimental March of the RLI
12 Fireforce   A description of the Fireforce concept pioneered by the RLI in conjunction with the Rhodesian Air Force. The sounds heard are from historic recordings of live combat operations during the bush war. Narrated by Patrick McLaughlin
13 'Pamwe Chete'   'Huyai Mose' - the identity song of the Selous Scouts, and 'Basa Redu Re Selousi' - a song sung as the men march on to the parade square. These are ALL ORIGINAL RECORDINGS of the Selous Scouts and have never been previously available
14 Selous Scouts Roll Call   On the 16th June 1978 the Selous Scouts held a special medal parade at the Andre Rabie Barracks
15 'Mhoroyi Mose'   A Shona song of welcome sung with gusto by the Selous Scouts when receiving guests
16 Selous Scouts
Honours and Awards
  The song 'Garayi Neni' sung behind this part of the medal parade was taken from a Shona hymn usually sung at funerals
17 'Selousi Shumba'   This original Shona song was usually sung at sporting events to encourage your team. The men changed the lyrics to suit their purpose
18 Selous Scouts
'March Off'
  Singing their favourite marching song 'Nhasi Pano Tsangana', the Regiment proudly leaves the parade square at Andre Rabie Barracks
19 Rhodesian Special Air Service   The SAS was Rhodesia's elite Special Force Squadron and first saw the light of day when Rhodesians served with distinction during the Second World War as part of the British SAS in the desert and in Italy
20 'Marche des Parachutistes'   The official march of the Belgian Parachutist Regiment composed by C. Leemans before the outbreak of the Second World War and later adopted  by the Regiment
21 Rhodesian SAS disband   A telegram from 22 SAS in Britain in December 1980, bidding farewell to their sister unit
22 Rhodesian Air Force
  The airspace over New Sarum and Thornhill Air Force Bases comes alive with the sounds of the various historic aircraft of the RhAF
23 'Winged Assegais'   A march written especially for the Rhodesian Air Force, the title for which was taken from the rondel markings on the aircraft
24 'Vudzijena'
Rhodesian Corps of Signals Band
  A traditional African folk tune meaning 'White Hair' arranged here as a military slow march
25 Westland's Farm
Operation Gatling
  Early on the 19th October 1978, following the shooting-down of the Air Rhodesia Viscount Hunyani, combined air and ground strikes were made on terrorist bases deep within Zambia. The famous 'Green Leader' speech to the Lusaka Control Tower was recorded from the cockpit of the leading Canberra. This is an ORIGINAL RE-EDIT from the master 1/4" tape of the operation
26 'Abide With Me'   The mounting of the evening guard and closing retreat ceremony provide a fitting closing to the Regimental day. An ORIGINAL ARRANGEMENT with pipes by Neil Thain, mastered at Memphis Studios, Johannesburg