Chris Cocks
30Soth Publishers
  • Author of:  "Fireforce - One Man's War in the Rhodesian Light Infantry"
    &  "Fireforce - Survival Course"



1) "As with many of the videos floating around, dealing with Rhodesia and its bush war, I was expecting to watch some scratchy, pirated footage with gung-ho, blood 'n guts non-stop action. I was wrong...  Read more

2) "I've just finished watching "The Final Chapter". It is breathtaking and had me absolutely absorbed! The intro montage is amazing and I had to re-wind several times to look at it again. What I particularly enjoyed about the documentary is that it is precise and no bullshit - succinct and direct. The narrator is excellent. Powerful stuff!"

3) "Like Rhodesia itself, Viscounts 'Hunyani' and 'Umniati' were doomed, victims of a world that didn't care: a world that ? perhaps uncomfortably ? turned its head away from the horrors of terrorism taking place in a little corner of Africa. But for the survivors, the next of kin and those who were there, they could not look the other way.

Over three decades later, heartache and anguish undoubtedly linger, as does a sense of bitterness and futility. This gut-wrenching documentary is clearly of historical importance, but it's more than that: it's a testament to the victims, those so cruelly murdered, and a nod to the handful of survivors that you are not forgotten."

Lt. Colonel Ron Reid-Daly 
  • Former Commanding Officer 
    Selous Scouts Regiment

"The videos produced by Msasa Enterprises will provoke much nostalgia and pride for all Rhodesians, particularly those who served in the Rhodesian Security Forces.  A most creditable portrayal of the various segments which made up Rhodesia's Security Forces. In my opinion they are a must for all Rhodesians proud of their origins."

Earl Don
  •  South Africa


"I found it difficult to believe (until I watched this DVD) that while bullets were flying and we were ducking our heads there were guys filming the bush war. While this DVD is based on the RLI, if you were SAS / Airforce / RAR or patriotic this DVD is a must for you to get."

Niall Mc Cabe
  •  Ireland
"Just got the Cassinga DVD. Excellent packaging and DVD production quality. I really liked the skilled way the live witness commentary is interspersed with the re-enactments. It's as good as a movie!."

Mark Mc Cormick
  •  Australia


"Just to let you know the two videos arrived safely yesterday. I have just finished having a look at both of them and I must congratulate you on the quality of the picture and sound. I had a quick look at my original copy of "Pamwe Chete" then yours - it was like a snow storm had lifted! Both videos have been well put together and I like the Clem Tholet song at the end of each tape. It is certainly a wonderful record to have"

Andrew Torres
  •  USA


"The RLI DVD and book is the best material on the Rhodesian bush war I have seen.  I was specially impressed with the color combat footage depicting the Cessna Lynx dropping frantan. Any chance producing a DVD showing that raw footage from beginning to end.  I think it would be great.  Again great job!"

Steve McIntosh Dona

  • Publisher: BSAP Outpost Newsletter (Transvaal)

"Msasa Enterprises has produced two videos (Rhodesian Forces unique collection) relating to the Rhodesian war. Being a sucker for any form of history, I bought the videos and found them to be well produced and certainly worthy of being in one's collection."

Nolle van der Waag-Cowling
  • Department of Academic Development, 
    Faculty of Military Science, 
    University of Stellenbosch

"Rhodesian Forces" is a video set currently being distributed by the South African based company, Msasa Enterprises. The videos are a compilation of footage detailing the bush war exploits of some of Rhodesia's most prestigious fighting units. Read more

David Neale
  • UK


"I received my copy of "Rhodesian Forces 1" today. Much to my disappointment I was never there. If I had have been then there probably would have been a tear or two shed. Thank you for the opportunity to look through a window into a world that I never knew but wish that I had."

Gerry Doyle

  • UK



"We watched the videos last weekend with a few pints! Brought back many memories. I was hoping for more footage of the 'hondo', but what there was, was excellent. (Guess we didn't actually go around bristling with cameras!). The quality was much better than expected, and I recognised a couple of mates. Overall, an excellent collectors item, well done!"

Margaret Larkin

  • Australia


Just wanted to let you know the DVDs I ordered arrived safely together with the terrific CD - we are so impressed with 'The Final Chapter' - what great quality you have achieved from the wonderful old film - so many memories and some of the history we have so wanted to be able to share with our children! Once again many thanks and good luck with the wonderful work you have done, and are doing, with preserving the history of a special place.

Allyson Barron

  • UK



"Watching the DVDs returned to those silent places of memories deep. I was at the RLI disbandment parade. My late brother Cpl. Mark Kee was one of  the very proud soldiers to serve with them. I have so enjoyed the DVDs and look forward to building a library, to share with all who dare to have the courage to face the facts that we Rhodesians exist and are proud to have the privilege to be who we are. I certainly am!"

Chas Lotter
Corporal Publications
  • Author of "Echoes of an African War"

"I have just finished watching your latest video "The Final Chapter".  It is stunning. It makes all the other videos on Rhodesia look like hastily cobbled together late night newsreels. It delivers, with shattering impact, the feeling of what it was like to live in Rhodesian days - especially the last days."