"As with many of the videos floating around, dealing with Rhodesia and its bush war, I was expecting to watch some scratchy, pirated footage with gung-ho, blood 'n guts non-stop action. I was wrong. Msasa Enterprises have compiled these videos in order to record original, top-quality film footage for posterity.

Whilst cognizant of the roles played by Rhodesia's special forces involved in that country's bloody civil war, the producers have focused on a blend of content and quality in an effort to evoke the ambience and mood of the era, and at the same time highlight the   professionalism of some of the elite fighting units, such as the SAS, the RLI and the Selous Scouts.

In this the producers have succeeded admirably.

Don't expect a war movie. Although there are a several clips from some of the Rhodesians' external raids, the content is carefully designed to balance military montage with a more human aspect, such as the pathos of "Chaplain to the Forces" and the tragic consequences of 'loose talk' in "War of Words". The videos capture the essence of the period, overlaid at times with the occasional stentorian music and voice-overs so very typical of the Sixties and the Seventies.

The videos "Rhodesian Forces" more than adequately present a beleaguered country at war against insuperable odds, fighting with a paucity of military resources, yet with a self-belief and determination, complemented by the innovation and brutal efficiency of her military forces.

For the military collector, for the historian, for those who were there, and for those with a passing interest of life in the last days of a white Africa, "Rhodesian Forces" is an authentic and fascinating record of the final two decades of Rhodesia that will enhance any Africana collection."